Hi there! I’m ShaMyra – a tastemaker, creative culture influencer, and everyone’s hypeWOMAN from Mobile, Alabama, currently residing in the District of Columbia.

I’m the creative voice behind SSquared, and I have forged this platform to give our thoughts and ideas the mental exposure they need to grow. Being that I’m inspired by topics concerning the Black community – especially Black women – self realization and personal development, I have purposefully cultivated this communal space to be a safe haven filled with features and discussions guaranteed to caress your cerebral taste buds.

When I’m not busy conquering the ever changing world of communications, you can find me buried in a good read by the awe-inspiring Alice Walker, scouting cool places to photograph, entertaining friends or volunteering around the District.

I appreciate you for being here.
Whether it’s a view behind the lens, an inquiry or a seat at the table, this avenue was designed just for you…so get comfortable and stay a while.

P e a c e.