Have you seen my charger? Found it!

One of the most powerful things we have is our energy. It defines the way we live, both naturally and spiritually, and it allows us to speak without speaking.

But what happens when our energy undergoes a deficit? What happens when we are so disconnected from our spiritual compass that we don’t have enough power to recalibrate? I’ll tell you…emptiness. For so long, the lights were out on my side of town. I had lost my voice and quite frankly, my desire to come back here; the result of investing my energy where it didn’t belong.

After much prayer, meditation and self realization, I found myself on a journey towards inner healing because I realized the black hole I was in was effecting how I loved myself, or the lack thereof to be completely honest. While on this journey, God revealed to me that the way we love ourselves is the benchmark for how we love others. If we are not intentional about nurturing ourselves and budgeting our energy, there is no way for Him to use us!

Now that I have eliminated relationships and situations that were costing me unwarranted energy, I have taken back my power! I am experiencing a heightened sense of freedom because I am no longer bound by the unforgiveness that was lingering in my heart and causing me to leak energy. I am so grateful for the lonely season of my life because I learned that creating security measures for our energy helps us avoid neglecting our destiny, which requires all of us…

When I began writing years ago, I made a vow to transparency in hopes that my shared experiences would be a light and reference to others. I pray that this post resonates with you and delivers a much needed message to your spirit but most importantly, your heart.


xoxo, Myra || Remember, everyone benefits when you love yourself. K?


Photography by: @crystalaegeanb

25 thoughts on “Have you seen my charger? Found it!

  1. Rodney Clifton says:

    This piece is GREAT!!! Energy is so important and how you use it can determine your situation(s) in life. I believe that if you put positive energy into the universe, positive energy will reciprocate!!! Everything operates off of this simple thing that we call ENERGY.

    Life= Energy

    Energy isn’t meant to be wasted. 😎

    Great piece of writing, ShaMyra W. Sylvester

    Liked by 1 person

    • SSquared says:

      See you get it! You know what’s even more astounding? The fact that we have full control over the energy in our lives! I’ve made a vow to only accept positivity and nothing less…it was then when I was able to hear my spirit speak again.


  2. Kishla says:

    This was EVERYTHING! Every point was right on. It’s crazy how something or someone can be draining our energy some quickly yet so unbeknownst to ourselves. It also seems to take much longer to recoup that energy than it took to lose it. Great post sis!


  3. Keiyata Pettway says:

    I enjoyed reading this!!! I just had a conversation with someone about the energy you’re giving off to people. Is it positive or negative? I have learn to let go and let God in on a lot of things in my life, I found myself drain. The fact that it wasn’t cause of what I was going thru, but more of what the people around me was pulling me in! That’s when I learn that it was time to let go of the negative energy, I had to come to terms that I couldn’t fix everything and every situation. But what I started doing was praying for them from a distance, I was becoming physically and mentally drain.


  4. Kristen Mack says:

    “The way we love ourselves is the benchmark for how we love others.” My my my, you said something there! I love the post, and I’m so grateful for the way you embrace and share your process.


  5. Amber Flanigan - Bodrick says:

    Love this post!! I agree with you, it is so freeing to eliminate situations and relationships that drain your energy. I have been doing so with ambivalent relationships I have where I am not sure where I stand with the person. It has been so freeing to remove these relationships from my life and feeds! And self love is so important! It definitely is related to how we love others.

    P.S. – I also love the title! I laughed to myself thinking about you saying how you can’t leave your charger around black folks when we were all at the hotel last weekend for my wedding weekend lol

    Love you!


  6. Mom says:

    I loved every word you said. It’s time to come out of the darkness and step into the light! The real me or the real you? The energy that we use is only as good as we use it, so keep it positive. Good energy is motivating so that means it is not to be wasted. Thank you for writing this love. – Mother


  7. Serita says:

    Thanks for allowing God to use you to be an inspiration and encouragement to others I enjoyed reading your blog you have always been a beautiful person inside out


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