No Pressure, No Diamonds.

No Pressure, No Diamonds.

Diamonds are formed when carbon is under extreme pressure in the earth. Without pressure a diamond would just be carbon in a lesser form such as graphite.
No Pressure, No Diamonds.Without the trials and tribulations of life, where would we be? Lost…completely. We would have no sagacity to pilot our lives, and the motivation to excel would be at an all time low. “No pressure, no diamonds,” a quote by the great writer Thomas Carlyle, is my mantra. Whenever I’m in an eerie place, I meditate on this phrase to focus my energy on a singular, positive thing that is current in my life – doing whatever I can to shake the strain. This quote is an unambiguous reminder that without affliction we would not be who we are today. Look at it this way, inhibition is essential to strength and growth, and without it we’re merely a drifting creation.  Remember that the next time the humdrum of life sets in.

No Pressure, No Diamonds.

No Pressure, No Diamonds.o Pressure, No Diamonds.

No Pressure, No Diamonds.

No Pressure, No Diamonds.

It’s a piece of cake to be progressive when things are smooth sailing; however, it’s braving improbable challenges that show us what we are truly made of…….DIAMONDS.


What helps you stay centered when difficult times, I call them growing pains, appear in your life? Comment below!

Peace & blessings to you all.



Faux Fur: Old, cool style here!

Graphic Tee: Old, but this is on my wish list!

Girlfriend Jeans: Target

T-Strap Pumps: Target

Clutch: Zara

*links = exact or similar items*

Photos by @InFashionITrust

2 thoughts on “No Pressure, No Diamonds.

  1. Amber Flanigan says:

    I think that I am going to have to get those pumps!

    During this time of transition in my life were I just finished grad school in December and am job search and planning a move that is a bit of a risk, I am staying ground by practicing patience and gratitude. I am grateful for what I have accomplished and experienced thus far and I am looking forward to what is in store for me in the future with patience.


    • SSquared says:

      Amber! You know how optimistic us creatives can be! I applaud you for following your heart to lead you where you feel you should go. That is huge! Gratitude and patience are both characteristics of a winner. With the love and light that you carry, you are destined for greatness wherever you go… Good luck my dear, and I will see you at the top! ❤


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