Somewhere in Paradise …


Photo via Tumblr.

The grind is real for Chance the Rapper! Since finishing up his “Family Matters” tour, Chance has snagged a debut performance on an episode of “Saturday Night Live” right after sharing his latest single “Angels” with the world on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert”. Accolades to him as he is the first of many independent artist to ever perform on “SNL”, which he eagerly expressed on Twitter a while back as he hinted the release of a third mixtape.

Hold on! That’s not the end of Chance’s list of accomplishments for the year… Although he didn’t release his third mixtape on Christmas, he did raise $60,000 in 10 days for his Warmest Winter initiative to help 1,000 homeless Chicago residents get coats for the winter. He also promises to raise $40,000 more totaling a whopping $100K for the project! Now that’s what you call making a difference!

Because I fully support everything that Chance is doing and the tremendous impact that he is making on the world, it brings me great pleasure to dedicate the Tune of the Week to ‘Somewhere in Paradise’ by Chance the Rapper featuring Jeremih & R. Kelly. Check out Chance’s “SNL” performance below!


BTW —- I hope that you had an amazing Christmas filled with an abundance of joy and off the wall vibes!!

Sending peace & overwhelming love to you in the New Year,

S2 || Myra



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