As this year comes to an end, I have been very reflective on the goals that I set at the beginning, which brings me to this post in particular. Often times we get so caught up in the motions of life that we become stagnant when we know that there is more that we should be pursuing. This could be the book you said you would write, that blog you said you wanted to start, a new business venture, degree, or something as simple as eating healthier!


Earlier this year, I unknowingly lost myself. I was making more money than ever before, I was in graduate school, and for me that was enough. However being in a new city, with new friends, I slowly began to drift away from my spirituality, became motionless in my career, and completely ignored my creative sense. My goals were far and distant from being accomplished because I was distracted. Realistically, I was conforming to the standards and laws of the things that were around me. Then it hit me! All of a sudden I hated my job, I wanted to start a new blog (SSquared.), upgrade my energy, get back to the creative me, and surround myself with positive people, you know the ones who just get it….. And I did just that! I JUMPED. IMG_2769

And I must say, I could not be happier. All it took was prayer and a little mustard seed faith!



On Tuesday, before Thanksgiving, my manager called me into his office. He said, “Myra, sit down. Why are you working here?” Taken aback by his very direct question, I responded saying I honestly don’t know. He then said, “You are awesome to have around, but I know that you are unhappy here. You are way too creative and smart to be in this office. Aren’t you about to finish you masters in communications?” I replied, yes as I twiddled my thumbs and looked down at my shoes. “Look at me,” he said. “I am cutting the cord like your parents did. I am letting you go. Now, I am going to pay you until February, so you better find a job in your field by then! If you cannot, then you are always welcome back, but I am confident that you will!” I was completely bewildered as he hugged me and said that he will miss me. He ended the conversation saying, “Here’s my card. Please keep in touch. Oh, and Roll Tide! I’m headed to Atlanta for the game! We better win the championship!”

As I packed my office, all I could do was think to myself… WHAT JUST HAPPENED? I had been applying to jobs for months and months receiving no feedback, so at this point I was worried frantically. Then as I thought back to the goals that I had for my career and my sole purpose for moving to The District, I stopped and prayed. A calm like no other overtook me as I said to myself, “Girl, you’ve got this!”

The very next day, out of the blue, I had a phone interview as I was traveling home to Alabama. On Friday after Thanksgiving, I had 2 phone interviews with different companies all in my field. The following week, I had 3 interviews in one day, and then another interview with another company the following day.IMG_2778IMG_2777

When you trust that God has your back and allow him to actually have your back, that is when things will begin to unfold!! It brings me great joy to say that I got EVERY job that I interviewed for! Each of them in my field of study, very close to my home, and making more money than I had before. This is everything that I took to God in prayer! I am so amazed at how this all played out over a two week time span.

All you have to do is JUMP, and watch Him keep you a float! He will do it if you get rid of the clutter and debris in your life, and let Him work…. I pray that this inspires you all to tackle your goals head on in the new year, and do not be afraid to clear up some inapposite space in your life. Then JUMP! He’ll make sure that you land where he sees fit!

Peace & blessings to you all.

S2 || Myra.

Blouse: Local boutique, similar style here

Blazer: Zara, similar style here

Skirt: Loft

Pumps: Shoedazzle

Earrings: Swarovski



Photos by ShaMyra

12 thoughts on “JUMP ||

  1. Pikasso says:

    Reading this makes you step outside of your self, revaluate your position in reference to your own personal goals and reroute your plans to get back on track…I appreciate the expression lol KEEP IT UP!


  2. Sequince Baker says:

    Soul Sistah, I love you because you just get it. God is so faithful AND strategic! I didn’t know I needed your light in my life until I needed it!! We need a moment soon. I know I’m late on this post, but it’s brilliant like you! ❤


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