For the Dreamers 2


The wait is over! No more biting your nails nor frantically checking Twitter to see if the rumors have validity! I am honored to announce that the Tune of the Week goes to J Cole, and his Dreamville squad as they released the Revenge of the Dreamers II compilation album, the sequel to the 2014 Revenge of the Dreamers masterpiece, last night (Dec. 7) after much anticipation.

Cole, 3 time Grammy nominee for Best Rap Album for 2014 Forest Hills Drive and Best Rap Performance for “Apparently,” posted a cryptic phone number 1-888-88-DREAM to Twitter along with Elite, Cozz, Bas and Omen, his Dreamville mates, which greeted fans with a voicemail from Cole jokingly saying that the mailbox was full; however, some people were able to get through and speak with him.

 He also emailed a few downloadable copies, originally set to release on Friday, Dec.11, to some of his lucky Twitter followers.

Revenge of the Dreamers II includes a nine-track experience featuring three appearances from Cole—a solo track called “Folgers Crystals,” Bas’ “Night Job,” and “Caged Bird” featuring Omen. Cozz and Omen also grace the album with their presence along with Ari Lennox, Correy C, Lute, and Donnie Trumpet. It looks like Christmas came a bit early for us Cole fans huh?


Did I mention that you too can download and stream the album via Apple Music?!

What are your thoughts about this poetic piece? Which song do you favor? Talk to me. I talk back….

S2 || Myra.


2 thoughts on “For the Dreamers 2

  1. Blue says:

    This album is everything I anticipated. He always brings a lyrical consciousness that us hip hop fans so desperately need and long for. Only he can “set the bar so high that you gotta get Obama to force the air force to find it”. I love Cole! If you’ve never been to a concert, I STRONGLY encourage you to put that on your to-do list for 2016. Every penny worth it. 👌🏾 Caged Bird is my fav.


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