Better Use Telepathy, Cause You Cain’t Use My Phone


Miss Erykah Badu has channeled her musical spirit once again and created a sensational masterpiece, “But You Cain’t Use My Phone!” This mixtape was named after a lyric in her 1997 hit single “Tyrone.” I’m sure we can all recall that jam! This artistic experience begins the 11-track voyage with the title song “Cain’t Use My Phone,” and takes us back to a forgotten sound — the dial tone. Clever huh? That’s Baduism for ya! The album cover displays Badu as the Hindu Goddess Durga, also called Divine Mother which protects mankind from evil and misery by destroying evil forces such as selfishness, jealousy, prejudice, hatred, anger, and ego, carry multiple phones in her hands. The album collection, also following the theme of phones, features verses from Drizzy Drake and the first song released between herself and her ex-lover, Andre 3000.  According to Badu, even though she has not curated an album in years, she has been continuously working on new material. Well, thank you for your melodic vibes Erykah, because the Tune of the Week to goes to your latest grooves!


1| “Caint Use My Phone Suite”
2| “Hi”
3| “Cell U Lar Device”
4| “Phone Down”
5| “U Use To Call Me”
6| “Mr. Telephone Man”
7| “U Don’t Have To Call”
8| “Whats Yo Phone Number”
9| “Dial’afreaq”
10| “I’ll Call U Back”
11| “Hello”

The album should be available via iTunes; although, they were experiencing a few glitches earlier this week. Badu said it was due to heavy traffic— “I think we broke iTunes,” she tweeted. Well, whatever the situation may be, the songs are available individually on Apple Music by searching the album title.

>> I want to know what you think of the album! What do you think of the cover? What is your favorite song? Talk to me! I talk back…….

xO | Myra

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