Before healing others, heal yourself.

We are hosts to collected pain, so we all have these moments. From memories of our first heartache to the latest travesty of senseless killings of Black men and women by the police, we harbor feelings of hurt, disappointment and inadequacy. Some memories we continue to experience because the wounds remain scabbed, fresh, and open; others are indistinct scars that have gracefully healed over the years. The longer we ignore what’s truly bothering us, the deeper the wound becomes.

Soul Sistah, I love you because you just get it. God is so faithful AND strategic! I didn’t know I needed your light in my life until I needed it!! We need a moment soon. I know I’m late on this post, but it’s brilliant like you! ❤

Dr. Sequince Baker

Reading this blog makes you step outside of yourself, revaluate your position in reference to your own personal goals and reroute your plans to get back on track…I appreciate the expression lol KEEP IT UP!

Pikasso Perryman